Examples Of Hasty Generalization In How To Kill A Mockingbird

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The novel " How To Kill a Mockingbird" takes place in the fictional town of Maycomb, a racially divided Alabama town, set in the early 1930s. Atticus Finch, a lawyer, that agrees to defend a young black man,Tom Johnson, who is accused of raping a white woman. Many of the townspeople try to get Atticus to pull out of the trail, but he decides to go with his conscience. Depending on how the trail turns out, this could effect any change in racial attitudes in Maycomb. Throughout the novel the author shows countless examples of hasty generalization. Atticus simply states that the prosecution has assumed that because Tom is black he is undeniably guily. Atticus then indicates that such an assumption is not true since Tom is clearly not guilty. By

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