Atticus Finch Hero Quotes

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The qualities of a hero may be being able to fly like Superman or shoot webs like spiderman but Atticus Finch has many heroic qualities of himself. Atticus is a hero because he never backs down from doing what's right, He defends and stands up for Tom Robinson, and finally he teaches his kids lesson that they will use for the rest of their life. My first reason that Atticus is a hero is that he never backs down from doing what's right. For example Atticus says "Come here...Don’t you go near that dog, you understand? Don’t go near him, he’s just as dangerous dead as alive."(97 Lee) Which shows he is always doing what's right because after he shot the mad dog he is told everyone even though the dogs dead to still stay away from it just incase. …show more content…

He protects Tom when the mob come to kill Tom I know that because Atticus says to Walter cunningham “ you can turn around and go home, Walter”(151). This quote shows he stands up for Tom Robinson because Atticus risks himself getting beat up to help Tom not to be killed. Another thing that Atticus does to protect Tom was “ I'm simply defending a negro his name's Tom Robinson”(75). This quote shows Atticus protecting Tom because Atticus treats defending Tom just a regular case. Some people may argue Atticus is not a hero. For example some people might not think of him as a hero because he doesn't do everything an example of this is when Scout says “ Our father can’t do anything”(89). However there are many things Atticus can do like, he's one of the most honest people and he is very wise and modest. In conclusion Atticus may not fly around in a cape or shoot lasers from his eyes but he is still a hero just in a different way. Maybe that’s the true definition of being a hero—overcoming adversity and keeping those you love safe, while teaching them respect of not only themselves, but of

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