Autobiography Of Maya Angelou Research Paper

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An inspirational autobiography by a woman that succeed in life and was forced to pass by many obstacles at an early age. Maya Angelou was a victim of a tough childhood being introduced to impediments such as: Prejudice and subjugation. But from these experiences she was able to change in personality and become a self-reliant woman who fights for her right in a community where people discriminate just because of skin color. Already at a young age Maya suffers from many different traumas that would haunt her for the rest of her life. As a black young lady in America, Maya had to endure this social obstacle that was claimed to all “colored” people. When living at the store her grandmother owned, she was able to understand how black people were assigned tiring jobs, where they would start the day with a smile on their face and end it by dragging their exhausted bodies home. …show more content…

After moving to the richer part of the country where her mom lived, she met her mother’s boyfriend, a man she wished she never met. She was a naive 10 years old girl who still understood the mean and nasty world she would be facing. Because of her innocent personality she did not understand when she was molested by her father in law. She thought he was showing his care to her, that she was receiving love which she hardly felt before; she would miss the way he held her. She did not understand how serious this act was but later it became a trauma to

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