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Gabe mitchell 8th grade english Mrs. King November 24th,2015 Battle of cowpens Have you ever heard about the battle of cowpens? The battle of cowpens was a very effective battle,there was many lives lost for a good cause. The americans had defeated the british at Yorktown causing them to push back. In my opinion i could tell that the british were going to lose this battle already. This summary is about the battle of Cowpens and its great victory. Nathanael Greene commander of the american army and Daniel Morgan were sent to command the american army to fight the british. This war was called the Battle of Cowpens and its great american victory. The british had got attacked by them from Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia. They were sent to threaten the british post but yet it turned out to be a great battle that we learn about today. As tolerant men attacked, Morgan instructed the militia to skirmish with them. The british started to score victories in south carolina causing the patriots to push back and to send in more troops and men to fight. Nathaniel Greene decided to divide patriot troops in order to push them back. The effect of …show more content…

They also had excellent planning and execution for any British troops that was a prisoner. In 1781 american patriot General Daniel Morgan defeated the british force in the Battle of Cowpens in South Carolina. All of his great victories set the total for winning the american revolutionary war. This part of the war had taken place at Yorktown. As tarleton 's men formed an infantry line they had began to advance in the war to start pushing the british back even more to make them fall back. The troops of light dragoons flanked the foot to reserve the compromise with the 71st

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