Bbuhs Strengths And Weaknesses

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SWOT Analysis
BCUHS being an imperative Academic Medical Center, it has much strength in comparison to their competitors. Within the Bay City population, BCUHS is very well known for their brand name that makes them highly distinguishable around the area. Having a strong brand name allows BCUHS to market their services to new consumers as well as maintain their pervious consumers. Research is a major component of the BCUHS mission. Not only does BCUHS use research innovation as a way to develop their brand, but also translate the research into new treatments and cures. In addition, grant-funded innovations in health services management have successfully improved outcomes and reduced the costs of treatment. Another strength BCUHS …show more content…

The first weakness of the BCUHS is their lack of investing in technology upgrade. BCUHS is known for their cutting edge technology; however, it has not been operating much revue. Having spent millions of money on the Electronic Health records and still be inefficiency is a major weakness. Many BCUHS physicians still complain about the additional time burden placed on them. Second weakness of the BCUHS is that they have high-cost operating structure and not enough money flow coming back. The hospital currently budgets on a $2 billion budget. Third weakness is that BCUHS lacks in specialty physicians. There are fewer physicians in Apollo Bay regional area for its population size.
With many strength and weaknesses, there are many opportunities for growth and development. With a strong foundation for research, BCUHS has an opportunity to upturn medical innovations and use new research techniques to help the hospital compete with other organizations. Second opportunity is that the hospital can develop new and creative initiatives for preventative health measures and healthcare programs within the community. This is will attract the community members to get involved and familiarize themselves with the hospital and their

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