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How did BC's economy begin in the 19th and early 20th centuries? Why did it begin the way that it did?
British Columbia’s economy began because of the abundant amount of natural resources. The three biggest industries in British Columbia during the ninetieth century was forestry, which was a huge industry during this time period provided the public with lumber and paper. This was a significant advancement because materials for education purpose and shelter were becoming available to the public. Allowing more individuals to immigrant to Canada for two reasons: job opportunities and access to the basic human needs. British Columbia is famous for the vast amount of salmon that runs through its rivers. This natural resource was historically significant because numerous canneries were operated and run throughout British Columbia. The two major benefits of canneries was that there were several job opportunities for people of different ethnicities (for example, Indigenous Peoples, Chinese Immigrants, and European Settlers were the main employees.) and canned salmon was the main source of food in British Columbia preventing starvation. Therefore, the economy thrived. Mining was an important part of British Columbia’s economy. Minerals such as gold and silver provided British Columbia with financial stability. Whereas minerals such as …show more content…

For instance, tourism, transportation, construction, retail trade, and health services have replaced harvesting and extracting industries (which include forest, lumber, mining and fishing). The causes of the economic changes in British Columbia are because of technological and cultural changes, the rising multicultural population, and the availability of goods and services. Our economy has created a strong connections with the Asian Pacific which has increased the amount of business opportunities. Therefore, our economy has undergone several transitions in recent

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