Beck From Conrad Analysis

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In the Genogram above, I have described the Conrads family system. His mother, Beth, is shown in a circle to represent her sex, and Conrad 's Father, Calvin, is shown in a box to represent the male sex. Conrads parents have been married for 21 years. The line I have made shows their marriage connection. During the movie, we see changes in the Jarrett family. Beth has experienced horrible events and wants to move on without dwelling on the past, an attitude that brings her into conflict with Calvin. Calvin believes there is a serious lack of communication between him and his wife, which strains their relationship and results in a separation. This separation is shown with two lines going through their marriage connection structure.Beck …show more content…

From Conrad, I have made two lines from Conrad to Dr. Berger. Dr. Berger is a psychiatrist with whom Conrad begins meeting once a week in an effort to gain more "control” in his life. I have made a line that demonstrates conrad is close to his psychiatrist. We can see that Dr. Berger begins to build a trusting relationship with Conrad and Conrad feels open to tell him information. In the genogram above, Conrad also has a line to Karen. Karen is conrad 's friend from the hospital. Karen and Conrad’s relationship shows they may have been close Conrad learns that she has committed suicide, and the news really affects him. Karen like Buck, is shown with an X to represent she is no longer alive. In the genogram Conrad also has three lines from his name to Jeannine Pratt’s name. The three lines represent their close relationship. Jeannine is a new student at the school, and is taking choir with Conrad. The two become close friends and eventually form a serious relationship. I have aso added Joe into the genogram. He is Conrad 's friend, also a member of the swimming team. Joe Lazenby and Conrad have a falling out during the film, however, they manage to mend their relationship. The genogram shows two lines from Conrad to joe which demonstrates they are close although they had a fall out. Joe continues to be there for Conrad even when they were faced with an argument. We can see Joe is worried about Conrad and truly cares about their

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