Bend It Like Beckham Case Study

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1. Bush, V. D., Bush, A. J., Clark, P., & Bush, R. P. (2005). Girl power and word-of-mouth behavior in the flourishing sports market. Journal of consumer Marketing, 22(5), 257-264. • Purpose of the study See how word of mouth affects sports market in women • Methodology adopted Media habits of 118 girls used to generate result using theory of consumer socialization • Findings Hypothesis were found true and females are influenced significantly by WOM • Managerial implications This study is limited to USA, other parts give a unexplored market • Conclusion WOM is a good influencer for teen girls in the US region w.r.t. sports market 2. Dix, S., Phau, I., & Pougnet, S. (2010). “Bend it like Beckham”: the influence of sports celebrities on young…show more content…
Bae, J., Lu-Anderson, D., Fujimoto, J., & Richelieu, A. (2015). East Asian college consumer decision-making styles for sport products. Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, 5(3), 259-275. • Purpose of the study Studying consumer behavior in east asia • Methodology adopted PSIP scale across 35 categories • Findings Japanese had highest brand consciousness • Managerial implications Different marketing strategies for different countries • Conclusion Different cultures having different lifestyles 7. d'Astous, A., & Chnaoui, K. (2002). Consumer perception of sports apparel: the role of brand name, store name, price, and intended usage situation. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 4(2), 14-31. • Purpose of the…show more content…
McDaniel, S. R. (1999). An investigation of match‐up effects in sport sponsorship advertising: The implications of consumer advertising schemas. Psychology & Marketing, 16(2), 163-184. • Purpose of the study how to maximize consumer consumption in sports. • Methodology adopted test the impact of brand/occasion matchups and publicizing situation on transitional measures of promoting viability. • Findings MANOVA • Managerial implications Higher levels of sponsorship will cause a significant increase in the consumership. • Conclusion Higher Levels of sponsorship aimed at females leads to direct increase in consumers of sports. 13. Mason, K. (2005). How corporate sport sponsorship impacts consumer behavior. Journal of American Academy of Business, 7(1), 32-35. • Purpose of the study Using sports sponsorship as a means to increase consumer

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