Benefits Of Raising Minimum Wage

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Minimum Wage Raising minimum wage would affect the world all around but not so much as the people wanting it would like. It would mess up all of the economy; to prices going up, insurances, employment rate, and how many people per job site. Minimum wage has been a thing since 1938. It all started with the Great Depression in 1938. It started at twenty-two cents an hour. Minimum wage is not the same throughout the world, states have their own wage as well as companies have their own minimum wage. There is a lot of benefits to it being at $7.25. Although being at $7.25 is not mandatory, you could be better in life and go somewhere bigger and better with better pay. To start off with i 'm going to give you a basic understanding what minimum wage …show more content…

The point of a minimum wage is to help the poor to stay out of poverty. Statistically about 80% of The United States of America is covered by this law minimum wage, but minimum wage isn 't the same everywhere you go the overall national minimum wage is $7.25, but now some places have bumped up their minimum wage to higher. The reason for people having a higher wage is to recruit more workers or just simply because the job is harder and requires either more skill or some sort of a degree. Also just some states in general require its bosses to pay more. With that they also add in ages that you are allowed to work for minimum wage, and what age you 're allowed to work the spot that you want or desire. To me where it is now is where it needs to stay because if it goes up anymore it could be a disaster and we want to be lower that way the less skilled can get a job easier and allow their to be more jobs available that way we can keep the employment rate up. There are a lot of things that company owners or bosses are going to do if the minimum wage is to go up. The biggest thing already happening and that will get worse is people …show more content…

But yeah it is nice to have extra money by raising minimum wage but it is going to be the same thing overall, if not worse the bills are going to go up with it. Raising minimum wage could reduce the benefits you get such as insurance, vacation, and your future. Raising it as well means what about all the people that already have their worked their way to what the minimum wage wants to be set at. Do they expect them to stay at that same wage or go up as much as minimum wage raised. It is hard to raise the minimum wage therefore it shouldn 't. Raising it is a sensible spread. Plus when it is a lot lower there is more jobs and more wanting to hire instead of stacking others with a lot of tasks. It will also kill and put some small businesses out of order. Those small businesses are the ones that sometimes do a lot for us that being we need them. But the ones that are able to stand and stay going are not going to really want to hire. And if they do there might not be insurances, or good stuff to it. It highly discourages them to hire. Owners that still would hire are not going to hire low skilled and are going to make it hard for the high skilled. There are a lot of alternatives that the higher people could overdue if the minimum wage goes

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