Benjamin Franklin And John Adams Talks On The Treaty Of Paris

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Treaty of Paris 1783
In April 1782, representatives of the thirteen colonies Benjamin Franklin and John Adams left for Paris, France. They were to meet Richard Oswald a man representing Great Britain. They were joined by others to negotiate a deal that would end the American Revolutionary War against England. The talks would consist of Britain acknowledging the United States of America as a sovereign land. Great Britain was difficult to agree with and negotiations were “discussed” on “November 30, 1782” regarding “the preliminary articles of peace.” (U.S. State Par. 2) John Adams signs and informs Congress that the “British minister at his lodgings at the Hôtel de York, and signed, sealed, and delivered” the treaty of peace between the United States of America and the King of Great Britain." (674) The treaty of Paris had been signed and the Revolutionary war ended on September 3rd, 1783. …show more content…

He did not want others to be involved with the peace negotiation. He thought he could get a better deal dealing directly with London. France wanted some of their captured territory back from the war French-Indian wars from Britain. Spain wished to continue fighting for the rock of Gibraltar. Spain was granted their territory of Florida. The representative of Britain, Oswald, acknowledged quickly. He saw the growing expansion of the United States and wished for “better business.” (Johnathon 145) Oswald was quick to agree with Benjamin Franklin because he wished to show “France, Spain, and the Netherlands reasonable terms. (Johnathon 145)” He feared America would then make “separate peace talks” with other foreign entities. (Johnathon

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