1763 Treaty Of Paris Research Paper

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February 10, 1763 Treaty of Paris (French and Indian War) The end of the war has come. The seven years war started by the British declaring war against France. The French had been expanding into the Ohio Valley creating conflict amongst the countries. With the signing of the treaty France lost a lot of land. OCtober 7, 1763 Proclamation Line of 1763 The Proclamation Line of 1763 was declared to create peace between colonists and Indians. Also, to keep the colonists restricted for easier taxation. Only licensed traders were allowed to trade in the west or deal with Indians. April 5, 1764 Sugar Act The Sugar Act was taken taxation on sugar and molasses was reduced. The Act was made to halt trade between many people. This includes trade between New England and Middle Colonies along with French, Dutch, and Spanish in the West Indies. It reduced the smuggling of goods. May 3, 1765 Quartering Act The Quartering Act was enforced when British soldiers needed housing. So the local colonial governments. were required to provide provisions and housing. The 1765 Quartering Act was one of the Intolerable Acts. March 22, 1765 Stamp Act The Stamp Act was a tax on every piece of printed paper the American colonists. This created conflict in the colonies.. Legal documents (that now needed to be taxed) had always been seen as business rather than to raise money. June 15- July 2, 1767 Townshend Act The Townshend Act was when the English Parliament put a tax on glass, lead, paints, and tea imported. Many viewed this as an abuse of power.

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