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“Every artist was first an amateur,” -Ralph Waldo Emerson. Benozzo Gozzoli was a famous Italian Renaissance painter. His real name is Benozzo di Lese. Benozzo Gozzoli was born in 1421 in Florence, Italy. He is best known for his murals painted in the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi. Gozzoli was initially trained to be a goldsmith. Most Renaissance painters were first trained as goldsmiths. He then started working with other famous artists in painting. Gozzoli is very important to the Renaissance time period and current day. Benozzo Gozzoli is famous for painting landscapes, nature, and costumed figures. He was trained by Lorenzo Ghiberti and Fra Angelico. Gozzoli worked with Fra Angelico in Orvieto and Rome. On May 23rd, 1447 Gozzoli and Fra Angelico were in Rome and …show more content…

He painted this independently and it was one of his earliest paintings. This piece had brocaded fabrics. Brocaded fabrics was one of his many qualities that he incorporated into his paintings. This quality was said to come from his father. He most likely taught Gozzoli this at a young age. Gozzoli's family isn't talked about much. Research says that his father was a tailor. His father's name was Lese di Sandro. Research also doesn't talk about his mother much. He got most of his qualities for art from his father like the fabrics he used in his paintings. There is also no mention of any siblings or even a wife. Before Gozzoli died he finished two oil paintings. He was the first Italian artist to master work with oil. He died October 4th, 1497 in Pistoia. He was buried in the monastery of San Domenico in Pistoria. As a token of their regard, Pisan authorities gave him a tomb. Benozzo Gozzoli is important because he and the things he did were a major impact on art during the renaissance. Benozzo Gozzoli should be cared about because he helped shape art for today’s world. Culture is preserved in arts and

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