Beowulf Heroism Quotes

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Heroism is bravery, honor, courage, and daring. People who are believed to be a heroe usually serve as someone who defeated or made an impact on someone or something. Throughout the epic, Beowulf shows heroism by going to willingly defeat Grendel. This was Beowulf's choice to go, "there was no one else like him alive. In his day, he was the mightiest man on eart, highborn and powerful" (196-198). The quote shows how Beowulf was a strong, well-known and respected man. The people of Beowulf's kingdom did not try to stop him because they believed in him and Beowulf was confident in himself as well. When he arrived in Herot, the people applauded him and gave him a feast. Since Grendel alway attacks the mead hall, Beowulf decided he would stay there

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