Courage Quotes In Beowulf

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The novel Beowulf: A New Telling by Robert Nye conveys that courage shows one that even if there is something one has never done before, taking risks will provide new experiences to one as expressed when Beowulf ate the apple and fought Grendel. It was first seen when Beowulf ate the apple that he already knew contained evil. The narrator states, “Beowulf was eating an apple. He bit into it with cheerful determination.” Even though Unferth had warned him that the apples were wicked, Beowulf still took the risk, ate the apple, and found that it was delicious. The second scene was when Beowulf fought Grendel. The narrator expresses, “Beowulf held up his hands. ‘Here are weapons enough,’ he said. ‘I put more trust in these ten fingers than in

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