Two Examples Of Heroism In Beowulf

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The way we treat ourselves is extraordinary compared to the utilization of figures past. We, humans, are a populous society of affable tributes that are of importance. That we look up to the people that give us safety, as well that show respect and pride. These people are the idols that portray heroism; the general populous agrees that a hero is selfless. One such example is in an epic poem Beowulf. The main character is the hero of this old tale: … He lived his life as a good king must: I lost nothing, none of the gifts My strength could have earned me. He opened his Store Of gems and armor, let me choose as I liked, So I could bring his riches to you, my ruler…(2145-2149)
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He was selfish to his people, but paid the price of being nice. This is the greatest heroic action that anyone can do. He is the dragon slayer.
Another heroic tale is The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. In this film, a party of dwarves is on a quest to salvage the wealth of their kin. Bilbo is a hobbit that is joining them on their journey of riches. He is the hero of the pack. He initially helped the dwarves by using his mystical ring to help fight the giant spiders:
The dwarves went off the path they were supposed to be on. They found themselves fighting mammoth spiders in the forest. While the dwarves were losing the battle, Bilbo used his ring to become invisible and retrieve the bounded company (Jackson).
This is an important example of heroism because a timid hobbit became brave to help his comrades. He uses his power of invisibility for the benefit of the dwarves. The elves fight off the remaining spiders and detain the party. Another brave act is when Bilbo sets free the dwarves to escape. Bilbo was not captured and snuck into the castle and planned a escape using empty

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