Bilbo's Acts Of Heroism In The Hobbit

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In the beginning of the movie "THe Hobbit" Bilbo is a small peaceful hobbit who lives in the Shire. He loves to keep things in order, was never late, and disliked adventures or anything unexpected. As the movie progresses he starts to portray more courage, bravery, heroism and becomes more adventurous. When the dwarves offer Bilbo to join them on their quest, Bilbo faints upon hearing the news. He decides to join their quest anyways and finds that in the beginning its really uncomfortable and wishes that he was back in his cozy little home. Over time the hobbit gains his courage, becomes braver, and portrays acts of heroism. For example, when the giant spiders almost eat the dwarves, Bilbo distracts the spiders and cuts the dwarves out

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