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In J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins started out terrified of adventuring and thought his only superior skills in life were his ability to cook and blow smoke rings. Throughout the adventure his attributes are slowly morphed as they go through Joseph Campbell’s hero pattern. Bilbo is capable to make confident decisions and learns how to be devoted, generous and cares about more than his trivial life under the hill. Bilbo Baggins tried to maintain an everyday average normal hobbit life until adventure found him and put him on Joseph Campbell’s hero pattern. Bilbo goes through phases in Joseph Campbell’s hero pattern such as a refusal to call, when Gandalf and the dwarves greet him at his door, crossing of the first threshold, when Bilbo …show more content…

(Tolkien 35) He saw 3 goblins and this was soon realized as Bilbo leaving into an unfamiliar world also known as crossing of the first threshold in Joseph Campbell’s hero pattern. Bilbo crossing the first threshold made him want to prove himself to the dwarves. He also wanted to show himself to be brave and able to serve as a fine burglar for this adventure. To prove his abilities he tried to steal a purse yet failed to steal it instead he got himself caught. Although his decision was not as witty as thought, it was still something a hero would experience. (Tolkien 36) Bilbo disturbs the trolls and they notice his dwarf friends walking into the open and capture each, one by one. Gandalf distracted the trolls to keep arguing with them and they suddenly didn’t even realize the sun was coming up and all three of the beastly trolls turned to stone. In spite of the fact that Bilbo didn’t turn them to stone himself he was certainly a crucial part to help Gandalf turn them to stone. This was the first moment Bilbo crossed into a supernatural world. Without this event in Joseph Campbell’s hero pattern Bilbo would’ve never known what not to do and he wouldn’t have had any experience with any super natural creature until much farther into the adventure. Bilbo refused to take more than one chest of gold and one chest of silver even though it was offered to him by Bard. (Tolkien 291) The Magic Flight changed …show more content…

Everything his normal hobbit life stood for was juristically changed. Joseph Campbell’s hero pattern disrupted Bilbo’s normal attitude and what not and made him into a hero. He refused his call to adventure, yet of course he ended up going on the adventure in spite. He was an aid to Gandalf defeating the trolls, crossing of the first threshold. Yet at the end of this adventure he didn’t even want his reward he would rather go home under the hill, magic flight back to his original world. Bilbo is a fine example of a hero on Joseph Campbell’s hero pattern and reading the Hobbit these examples were extremely

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