Bilbo Baggins Quotes From The Hobbit

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Bilbo was brave, but not aggressively so. He was loyal, but that did not mean he never had doubts. Bilbo Baggins, of Bag End was an honorable Hobbit. He was also the greatest hero of them all, although he may not seem like it. One example of a hero was Beowulf, he was generous, strong, loyal, brave, and honorable till the end. So, as Sir Gawain shared many of these qualities, it is concluded that the ones they do share, are the qualities that a hero must possess. A hero could be many things, however he has some specific qualities. First comes bravery, because a hero must not be cowardly. Second is loyalty, heros must never stab partners in the back, or abandon them when things are difficult. The last virtue, is honor. Even villains could have courage, and be loyal to their cause. But what sets them apart from heroes is their lack of honor. Bilbo Baggins, of Bag End, was not one often thought of when one thinks of a hero. People with super strength, or speed, or both are often what come to mind. Bilbo, however, possessed none of those qualities, he was in fact, a Hobbit. A Little Hobbit living in a comfortable hole, in The Shire. Hobbits never went on adventures, it was not done. However, this hobbit did, and all it took was a party and a bit of prompting from a wize wizard. He had begun his journey as a regular Hobbit, …show more content…

That by itself is a very brave thing for a Hobbit to do, but it does not stop there. He rescues the Dwarves from becoming the supper of hungry spiders, he saves them from an Elven King, and he even steals from a dragon. When he found The Ring, he could have simply ran away. He could have crawled back into his Hobbit hole, made himself a cup of tea, and tried to pretend none of it ever happened. Instead, he went back to the Dwarves, kept his word, and helped them retrieve their treasure. In the end, he never even took all of his share of the

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