Beowulf Hero Characteristics

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What characteristics do heroes have? A great representation of a hero is Beowulf written by Burton Raffel. The story of, Beowulf is a hero that goes to kingdoms while they are in distress and helps them by facing hideous monsters. Heroes are people who meet certain characteristics and are willing to help people for good. A hero is supposed to make people feel safe, and have hope that there will be help. Many characteristics can define a hero. Beowulf's characteristics are his honor, courage, dependability, and teamwork. These are some traits that most heroes have. What are the most important traits of any hero? One of the most important characteristics of heroes is having honor in helping people. Without having honor you will not be considered a hero and treated just as an ordinary individual. Beowulf shows this when he has returned from a battle with a great monster, and he arrives home with much honor and success. He becomes an honorary king that everyone respects (33). Having honor is the number one trait that you need to be a successful hero. Courage is also a necessary characteristic to become a hero. A hero needs a mentality in which they do not fear anything. In the story, Beowulf states, "I shall meet molten venom in the fire, he breathes so I go forth in mail-shirt and shield" (33). He shows courage that he will go …show more content…

Beowulf would arrive at the kingdom to help them against the monsters. When the monster began terrorizing the people in the kingdom, Beowulf arrives in a flash to battle against Grendel, Beowulf murdered the monster and was considered a hero, he was very dependable because he was there when the kingdom really needed him. The kingdom was in need of a great fearless hero and they found one that had honor, courage, dependability, and teamwork. These are the main traits that every hero needs to be able to help people

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