Sir Gawain And Beowulf: The Challenges Of Heroism

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When one thinks of a hero they normally imagine a famous athlete or a movie star, but it’s not always about one’s popularity, it can also be because of how they help society. A hero is a person or protagonist included in a literary work who, when put in front of danger withstands adversity by being brave and resourceful, often sacrificing their well-being for the good of their people. Overcoming obstacles may be one of the biggest difficulties that people face, just because of the fact that many chose to simply quit when life gets hard. A person becomes a hero when they are able to overcome these difficulties and accomplish the tasks that are presented to them no matter how straining they may be. Many believe that “that heroism comes naturally to some, and others can learn altruism using methods such as compassion” (Banham 312). Most heroes are commonly described as handsome and strong, almost as if they look like a God; and because of that, some are even treated as if they are royalty. Unfortunately, some heroes abuse their fame and are overtaken with self-pride or hubris. Even though both protagonists in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Beowulf vary in personality, both characters are defined as heroes based on their heroic deeds. In the story Beowulf, the hero is described as a leader who risks his life for the good of his people and kingdom, someone who shows bravery, strength, and exemplifies a great amount of generosity and love for his people. Beowulf often

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