Kennedy's Effec Heroes

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Writer and lecturer, Joseph Campbell once said; “A hero is someone who has give his or her life to something bigger than oneself”. In addition to this quote, the significance of heroes in this modern society is growing, but these heroes exemplify various traits that are bold and noticeable. In fact, heroes portray simple, yet gallant traits that most things don’t have. Accordingly, today’s inspirations are highly unique, and they deliver ideals of courage and motivation to many.
First and foremost, heroes have a determined mindset that ordinary people do not have. For example, President Kennedy was a naval lieutenant of a patrol team during World War Two. After saving the lives of his drowning and stranded comrades, he was awarded the purple heart badge of military merit. More importantly, Mr. Kennedy developed his heroism and courage through his service in the Navy during his early years. In addition, his determined mindset was engraved into his valuable, yet short-lived career as a politician. For the most part, his spirit of fortitude, and service always defined his legacy as an audacious motivator. In the end, the representation of John F. Kennedy goes on to show that, he has always led his country with a sense of justice and determination for a better nation.
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The example of President John F. Kennedy exemplifies, that heroes are valuable individuals that possess noticeable traits compared to others. On the other hand, in the novel, “Where The Red Fern Grows” highlights as a modern hero, it doesn’t matter the condition, or the size of the hero, all that matters is the compelling influence they will leave on others. Everyday modern heroes present standards that encourage, and never fail to provide ingenuity inside the lives of their

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