How Did Kennedy Become A Good President

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Throughout the United States 's history there have been a variety of important characteristics within presidents. Whether it be Harry Truman 's critical decision making, to Ronald Reagan 's great communication skills, Mr. John Fitzgerald Kennedy 's oration adroitness surely make him the most preeminent president America has had to this day. Not only do his ability 's to speak in a very essential manner make him the very best, but also the way he handled many of the United States 's problems during his period as U.S. President. We have seen many presidents do great in The White House, but none compare to the great man, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy came from a rather very successful family, and I believe that helped him become the great president he was. During his presidency, Mr. Kennedy saved the U.S. from going into an all out nuclear war with the Soviet Union. The …show more content…

John Kennedy was not only a great leader, he was a very well respected author during his time as a U.S. Senator. Mr. Kennedy was given the Pulitzer Prize on May 6, 1957. He received this prize for his book "Profiles in Courage". At the time, Kennedy was only forty. He went into office as a very known and respected man for his accomplishments leading up to his presidency. I mean, the man did serve in WWII. Kennedy 's book "Profiles in Courage" is about 8 senators who risked their career to do the right thing, it 's a very moving story. Today, there is an award given out every year to a member in a government office for a courageous act made. The last person to receive this great award was Bob Inglis, former congressman. He won the award for courageously changing his view on environmental issues the U.S. had, this party cost him his reelection as he practically rebelled against congress over the idea of climate change. It 's great to see that this country, considered to be the best in the world, has had great leaders with such great accomplishments as John F.

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