Character Analysis in 'The Hobbit'

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The main character is Bilbo Baggins. He is a small little hobbit. He really likes adventures but doesn 't like to show that he does. He is a quite person. He likes to have his privacy. Now Gandalf the big gray wizard is very tall and is
The Hobbit is a book that shows that even the most unlikely person or hobbit can turn out to be a real hero. In the book, Bilbo gets caught up in an adventure that will later change his life. In the beginning, Bilbo Baggins ran into an old acquaintance, Gandalf, a wizard, who he had met many years earlier at festivals, in which Gandalf made fireworks with his magic. Bilbo and Gandalf talked for a while and Bilbo being the kind hobbit he has invited him for tea the next day. The next day at about the time Bilbo …show more content…

He then took it back to the dwarves they were overjoyed. But they forgot one thing that even though the dragon may not be there he was not going to stay gone for long. When the dragon came back he noticed that there was something missing from his beautiful treasure. He was outraged, and with dragons keen sense of smell, he knew that the thieves were still there. Later that night Bilbo slipped on his ring and snuck down to where the dragon was and spoke to him and told him who he was in a round about sort of way. By this, the dragon sensed where he had come from and he went to where the lake men lived to destroy the village. Days past and the party had not heard nor seen the dragon. So Bilbo again snuck down to the cave and inspected and he did not see the dragon, but he did see something that struck his fancy a very large diamond and he knew that this must be the heart of the mountain that he heard the dwarves speak of so often, he was so intrigued by its beauty that he decided to keep it for himself. So he stuck it in his pocket and called for the dwarves. They all came down and were struck with awe at the sight of the treasure, But they did not forget the dragon this time so they armed themselves with weapons and put on armor and got ready for a …show more content…

But the party saw them and they had other plans they wanted to keep this treasure for themselves, well all except for Bilbo, which had no problem with sharing. As time went on the dwarves barricaded themselves in the mountain and Bard had pleaded with the leader of the dwarves to just give him a share since he was the one who killed the dragon, but he still refused because he had grown greedy and he was still upset because he could not find his heart of the mountain. Meanwhile, the word of the dragon 's death had spread far and wide until it reached the goblins and when they heard of it they headed toward the mountain to claim the treasure. A war was brewing that no one quite knew the extent of, well not yet anyway. Back at the mountain, Bilbo was growing quite tired of this endless argument between Bard and the dwarves. So that night he snuck out and went to Bard and he told him what was going on and he gave him the 'heart as a bargaining chip to get the leader to give. When he found out what Bard had he was outraged and called Bard a thief and asked how he got it and Bilbo spoke up and told him he gave it to him. The leader called him a traitor and threw him out. As time went by they all saw the goblins coming their way and they all prepared for battle. The war

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