How Does Bilbo Show Courage

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Bilbo shows courage when he saves the dwarves from the Spiders and wood elves. A courageous person is someone who is brave, smart, and willing to fight for a cause. Bilbo proves to be all of these examples when he saves the dwarves. He shows bravery when he throws rocks at the giant spiders and smartness because he found a way to get the giant spiders to leave. He also proves to be smart when he uses the barrels to escape the wood elves. The giant spiders and the wood elves are dangerous, and Bilbo is scared of them, but he overcomes his fears, making him courageous. Courage is shown by Bilbo when he enters Smaugs mountain. Smaug is a very dangerous character that could have killed Bilbo. Smaug tried to burn Bilbo, but Bilbo barely

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