To Kill A Mockingbird Quotes To Show Courage

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Courage is strength in the face of physical pain, hardship or death. It is also the choice and willingness to confront shame and personal loss. In Harper Lee's novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird', people demonstrate courage by standing up against prejudice, and overcoming their own loneliness and fears to live a good life. Mrs Dubose faces up to her morphine addiction. Atticus faces down the racism of the town. Jem shows his courage in trying to protect his sister. Harper Lee believes that courage requires perseverance and fearlessness in risking a life to save another. Courage is not only about winning or losing; it is also about the moral strength to do what is right rather than succumbing to personal prejudice. Atticus- Scout's father, his …show more content…

" Run, Scout! Run! Run, Jem screamed. I took one giant step and found myself reeling: my arms useless, in the dark, I could not keep my balance. Jem, Jem, help me, Jem!" (chapter 28). When Jem and Scout were walking after the pageant, they think they hear someone following them. When Jem realizes that the person behind them is an adult, he is not scared and tries to protect Scout. At first, Jem as a young boy believes that courage is mostly a physical thing such as defending yourself by winning a fight or touching the Radley house on a dare. Later he learns from his father about the mental and physical courage Mrs Dubose displayed to beat her addiction to morphine. He demonstrates both physical and moral courage, even though he ends up getting the brunt of the attack, he does his best to save Scout and stands up for her from the attack of Bob Ewell. Lee wants to show that Jem's courage is against the fears and saving her sister without regard for his own safety. Harper Lee highlights instances of heroism and courage in a small town – Maycomb, riddled with the poverty and racial tensions characteristic. She conveys the real courage throughout her life – not least, by writing a book and using many of the characters as well as circumstances in her novel to demonstrate all facets of courage that is fighting against the tide of majority white opinion in the American South at the time and confronting the shyness of ourselves

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