Betrayal In Hamlet Analysis

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Shakespeare further portrays men to be the instigators of betrayal, as Hamlet forgets that he ever loved Ophelia. Through, being overcome with intense hatred and anger at his mother, Hamlet denies ever having loved Ophelia, and orders her “to a nunnery”. It is Hamlet who instigates such betrayal, as he previously says “My fair Ophelia- Nymph” through “Nymph” Hamlet is describing Ophelia as a beautiful maid, thus highlighting his love for her. Yet, his attitude thereafter is considerably callous, as he continually questions Ophelia on her “honesty”. The continual questioning reflects that of a grueling and in part contributes to Ophelia’s later madness. Kenneth Brannagh has said that his interpretation of “Hamlet” suggests that Hamlet is aware of either Polonius and Claudius and Hamlet’s continual repetition of “Get thee to a nunnery” emphasizes his beliefs in all women being morally corrupt. Possibly, Hamlet betrays Ophelia because he ultimately loves her. He is aware of men being “arrant knaves” and as such may be…show more content…
It shows all different types of betrayal imaginable; your mother betraying you and your father, your friends betraying you, your girlfriend, your uncle and your father. It is all here in the five act long play.
Betrayal is what Hamlet is made of. It’s a tragic tale of deception where deaths are the ultimate consequence of betrayal. Betrayal leads to the downfall of every character in the play. Shakespeare has showed what betrayal can lead to. It destroys and kills the whole family. Betrayal is a result of jealousy, greed, lust, quest for power, in the play. Human emotions are something very delicate especially love. It makes or breaks a person. All the characters in the play are mere puppets of their emotions and feelings.
Hamlet is a heart wrenching tale guided by betrayal ultimately leading to deaths and destruction. A dark and depressing tale, it is a mesmerising work by
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