Bi-Polar Disorders In Silver Linings Playbook By Matthew Quick

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After losing his wife, job, and reputation, Pat leaves a mental health institution determined to find the "silver linings" of his new life. Based on a novel by Matthew Quick, "Silver Linings Playbook" tells the story of Pat Solatano, a bi-polar man working to amend his relationships. Before pleading insanity in a court case for assault, Pat discovered his wife, Nikki, having an affair with a coworker. During his time in the hospital, Pat was diagnosed with mood swings and stress induced breakdowns secondary to his bipolar disorder. Once a free man, Pat becomes determined to regain control of his life through therapy, literature, and physical exercise. Time passes, and Pat is invited to an old friend's house where he meets Tiffany Maxwell, a …show more content…

Bi-polar disorder does not just create hyperactivity, aggression, and motivation. According to Myers, "in bi-polar disorder people bounce from one emotional extreme to another." He later goes on to say that "when a depressive episode ends, and intensely happy… mania follows." (Myers, 2014, pg. 520). Pat never truly experienced a depressive episode in the movie, he always showed symptoms that correlate with manic episodes. Depression episodes cause "feelings of hopelessness… inability to sleep" and a "loss of energy" (Psych Central). Throughout the entire movie, Pat always appeared to be uplifted and somewhat hopeful. Never once did Pat feels hopeless, suicidal or depressed. The depressive episodes of bi-polar disorder are as equally important as the manic episodes. The movie failed to depict the importance of the depression episodes on the lives of those with bi-polar disorder. In conclusion, if the movie had included more than just the manic symptoms of bi-polar disorder it would accurately portray this mental illness. Pat's beautiful and hopeful approach to life in the movie would prove to be more realistic and repeatable if the creators had fully included all symptoms of bi-polar

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