What Are The Similarities Between Gilgamesh And The Bible

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In this essay, I will be talking about The Epic of Gilgamesh as well as the great flood that is mentioned in the Bible. Both stories were written and passed down orally through generations and have often been compared with many similarities as well as differences that I will discuss and contrast. More specifically, the first few books of the Bible, including Genesis is where the Bible flood story is found, which was said to be written by Moses. The Epic of Gilgamesh is the story about a king by the name of Gilgamesh, who uses his power in a negative way in his kingdom. The gods decide upon giving Gilgamesh a friend, who will tame his character and therefore, produce a more ethical king to rule over the city of Uruk. After the passing of his dear friend, Gilgamesh travels an extensive journey, where he searches for immortality. Although, he ventures out and discovers places, he has never …show more content…

This lengthy expedition begins with the death of Gilgamesh’s close friend and adopted brother, Enkidu. After killing the Bull of Heaven, the gods need to punish those responsible (Enkidu and Gilgamesh) and decide on the ill-stricken Enkidu, because the city needs Gilgamesh to rule over their land. Gilgamesh watches his friend die without any ability to save him. This leads Gilagemesh on his journey to find a man by the name of Utanishptim. After passing many dangerous feats and crossing the waters of death, the boatman, Urshanabi brings him to this immortal man. At this point Utanaptishim begins the tale of the flood. Although, the epic does not give the details for the reason that a flood is suddenly swept on the earth, it does mention that the gods agreed on it: “The great gods resolved to send the deluge” (The Epic of Gilgamesh 81). It was an act by the gods, which is similar to the Bible, where one God decides to send a flood on the

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