Billy Collins Schoolsville Analysis

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Billy Collins appropriately created the title “Schoolsville” for this poem. The title is broken down and is imagined by readers of a little town occupied by former students who still act as they did in high school. From the beginning line, it is clear to the reader that the speaker is reminiscing his past by “glancing over my shoulder at the past,” (Collins 534). By stating, “I realize the number of students he has taught is enough to populate a small town,” also adds to the image created by the title (Collins 534). The speaker has taught so many years that his former students could populate a town. He could imagine his deception of this town “nestled in a paper landscape,” (Collins 534). This image of the speaker shows the first sign of his delusional ideas of the people in his town. Collins create a connection between the speaker’s teacher teaching life and retired life in lines five and six of the poem. These connections are “ chalk dust flurrying down in winter, nights dark as a blackboard,” which compares images that the readers can picture. Chalk dust is in the air resembles snow falling, and the darkness of the blackboard shows how dark the night is. “The population ages but …show more content…

The speaker surfaces to reality in the last stanza when he speaks of how he spends his days now. The student who “knocks on the door with a term paper fifteen years late or a question about Yeats or double-spacing,” is not a procrastinating student, but a student who comes by to visit his former teacher. However, the student who “will appear in a window pane,” is really just watching him. Although this poem seemed to be just for humor, the reader could tell how delusional the speaker is when he shares that he is caught “lecturing the wall paper, quizzing the chandelier, and reprimanding the air,” (Collins 535). The teacher is still living in his teaching ways and has imagined a fantasy town with true descriptions of former

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