Black Beauty Research Paper

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Black Beauty is set around the 19th century in England. Black Beauty is a horse with the toughest skin, he has gone through every bad scenario a horse can, and yet he has never kicked or bit anyone. Beauty’s life went from good to bad, until the end, the bad was harsh, unfair and cruel. Beauty is treated like dirt, forced to pull overweight loads, with a check rein in a very high position. Riding a horse is one thing, forcing them to do unfair work with little food and sleep is another. Around the 18th century African Americans were sold and used for hard labor, they were looked down on as less and dirty. They could be beaten and tortured if their owner thought they weren't doing enough or working hard enough. Horses were whipped if they weren't running fast enough or pulling hard enough. …show more content…

For example, a steep hill and a check rein in a high position is a painful situation for the horse pulling the load (150). Also, no sleep, little food, and being worked and run at full speed, can be a building waiting to collapse on itself (158). Around 1600 to the mid 18th century, is the time African Americans were used as slaves for hard labored work. Shipped from Africa and forced to work for little pay. There is a huge connection between the two, imagine a horse as an African American girl in 1840, she would be treated the same way as a taxi horse in the 19th-century. Life was cruel and unfair for horses and African Americans at the time they were used, but they never gave up, they always hoped for a better day/ owner, and eventually it

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