Black Lives Matter Movement Rhetorical Analysis

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The National Anthem goes on every single time before a game begins. Each time it is being sung everyone usually stands up to show respect for America. While, news said that a few athletic players that have been sitting down, while the National Anthem goes on. This keeps happening more and more slowly because those athletics don’t believe that America lives up to that potential in the song as it once represented. As well as the incidents that happened with the police of excessive force being used against people unassertively. But not a lot of people knew about this until, social media came into play with our society. Furthermore, in the news article “A timeline of Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest and the NFL players who joined him” …show more content…

Since, it isn’t justified for America to give us this right of speech, when they knock us down for using it. The Black Lives Matter Movement is proof of this, they protest over and over but the government doesn’t want to take responsibility or change for the better of the community. As a community we need to see actions taking place, not only just words. I think they are right for opposing the dominant culture, since it is going to take a lot of work for America to socially change, and we have stick up for what we believe in or them would never been any change in America. America has become a better nation with time, protests and the power of a counter culture always existing to fight for equality, no matter the gender and race. Overall, I support the NFL players they are focusing on the bigger issue that is in America. Everyone knows it, but does anyone else do something no. Many people are scared to use their voice because of the repercussions that occur. Our society needs to keep changing to satisfy all ethnicities and gender in our community. Since, we as a nation can’t fall flat we require a great deal of work, and it never stopped us

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