Black Women In America Research Paper

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Jasmine Ferrell
6th 06/10/16
Composition 10 Being A Black Female In America “ It is utterly exhausting being a Black in America- physically,mentally,and emotionally. While many minority groups and women feel similar stress, there is no respite or escape from your badge of color”, quoted by Marian Wright Edelman. Many women of different minority groups are authorized because of their race and the fact that they’re a woman, but it seems as if through history and present day Black women have it harder than the rest. African female slaves that were brought over the America’s were raped,impregnated,rejected by society because of their skin and were taught to hate themselves. Black women suffer in so
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A “Sapphire” was a slave who fights back against her master and is always angry. Why would a woman not be angry when she is being enslaved and treated less than a human being. Not all Black women are angry just like not all Caucasian women have blonde hair. Another stereotype that is popular is the stereotype of all Black women being sexually driven. This stereotype once again originated back from slavery times. This stereotype was used an excuse when the White slave owners would rape the female slaves, they would say that the slave would seduce them and that they couldn’t help but have sexual contact with the slaves because of the idea that the female slaves were sexually driven. This stereotype just puts acid on the name brand of being a Black woman, who not only is always angry but also sexually driven and that is the reason why their ancestors were raped. Another stereotype that goes against the Black female community is that they all have daddy issues. It is extremely common for a black child…show more content…
According to The Voice, Bougie Black Girl and Columbia Social Network Review Black Woman in American society are put on on beauty standard that is the same for a White/European woman. This once again does back to slavery times, when the slave master would rape the slave, he didn’t use protection and the slave would become impregnated and give birth to light-skinned baby. Light-skinned slaves were still treated like a slave but they were promoted to work in the house instead of the field. That was where the idea of colorism was put into the Black community. The definition of Colorism is “prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.”. When light-skinned slaves were treated better than the dark-skinned slaves that out a divide into to idea of black beauty. Throught generations dark-skin Black women were taught to hate themselves because of their skin, and hair. Dark-skin females were taught that light-skinned females had better hair and better skin, and that as a dark skin they must have biracial children to improve the Black race and get rid of what makes them Black. The reason why light-skins are seen as better black people is because their DNA is more european or white according to America’s beauty standards. It seems as if having big lips, hip, butt, thick coarse hair, and melanin
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