Black Women´s Health Impetrative

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Introduction It is very important for Health programs to reach out and be able to help all sorts of different kinds of people, which are being affected by an illness or disease. Programs that know about individuals and their culture will benefit greatly, when knowing the background of their culture and why they may struggle with such problems in their health. I found two programs that are working for the people, the programs had to be beneficial with the certain cultures of people they are trying to reach out to. For one of the programs I decided to talk about was the, Black Women’s Health Impetrative and its interactions to help inform African American women the signs of Cardiovascular disease. The second Program is the, PMC Chronic Obstructive…show more content…
Both these programs really focus on informing the people on what changes should be made to greater impact their health, and also what symptoms of the diseases that need to be watched out for. Black Women’s Health Impetrative The Black Women’s Health Impetrative focuses on cardio vascular disease in African American women. African Americans have the highest population of people with cardiovascular disease among the different races in America. Cardiovascular disease is often linked to men but women suffer from the disease too. African American women are at the top of the list for deaths among other races of women from the disease.…show more content…
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is often called COPD for short. COPD is a lung disease that affects airflow, causing the individual to not be able to breath normally. Smoking plays a big part in India’s culture. COPD is found in large amounts of people who smoke, and smoking is an individual’s behavior that can be changed by that person on their own will. In India people smoke many different styles of tobacco on a regular basis, Hookah is one form of smoking seen in most Indian Cultures. When an individual smokes from a hookah instead of smoking cigarettes, they increase their chances of developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Women in India do most of the cooking for the family, where the stoves can let off Biomass fuels. This fuel is a common factor when people are diagnosed with COPD. The Biomass fuel is detrimental to a person’s health, if that individual is breathing in its harmful air. In India 70% of the homes use Biomass fuels in the kitchen, and in places with poverty there is not proper ventilation in the kitchen that allows the gas to escape. COPD can also be from the smoke of Mosquito coils. The smoke from the coils is commonly used to keep the mosquitos away. The smoke is also really bad for an individual’s health and breathing in the smoke is the equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes. The guidelines the program promotes, work to educate Indians when it comes

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