Bob Ewell Trial

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It was an unusually warm Halloween evening, as Jem and Scout meandered towards their home from their school’s special festivities. However, not long into their stroll home, they are ambushed in front of the Radley Place by, the drunk, Bob Ewell. Jem screams in terror “Run, Scout! Run! Run!” as the two dart for their home in terror. Bob Ewell quickly catches up and attacks the children. He pounces onto Scout, but is instantaneously ripped away, supposedly by Jem, before he can do any fatal damage to her. While Jem and Mr. Ewell were brawling on the lawn, Jem hollars in an attempt to liberate Scout from Mr. Ewell. Unfortunately, Bob Ewell gains the advantage over Jem, as he shatters Jem’s arm and smacks him unconscious. Then, Arthur Radley sprints out of his front door, with a kitchen knife in hand, murders Bob Ewell, and delivers Jem home to his father. …show more content…

Later that night, Doctor Reynolds arrived and determined, that Jem Finch is certainly alive, but will not be awake until the following day. When Heck Tate, Maycomb’s Sheriff, arrived back from the crime scene, he determined that “Bob Ewell’s lyin’ on the ground...with a kitchen knife stuck up under his ribs. He’s dead, Mr. Finch.” Atticus did not agree with his claim and began to argue. He rebutted to Heck Tate by saying, “God damn it, I’m not thinking of Jem!”. And after Heck Tate stomped hard onto wood with his boot in protest, they both realized their consequences when he saw Miss. Maudie’s and Miss. Stephanie’s lights start to glimmer in the dark. And they remained silent for the rest of the

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