Strong Parental Figures In My Son Is Gay And Ivan Coyote

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When a child is born they go through the process of figuring out who they really are, as well as who they want to be. Society in many ways negatively impacts the freedom a child has whilst exploring this phase in life. It dictates what to do, and what not to do. Strong parental figures help shield young kids away from society at large and allow them to make their own decisions without any fear. Through reading the pieces “My son is Gay” and “I like to wear dresses” and Ivan Coyote we see how hatred directed towards children for just being themselves often discourages children from exploring their gender. In order to shield (and support) children from negative judgmental thoughts they need a strong parental figure.

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Their success (because they are so young) is, one way or another, dependent on their parents and the people around them. Although in the end both kids end up feeling safe and ultimately cross-dressing. Francis is accepted more. Near the end, Boo's mother Sarah still gets flack for letting her child wear the Daphne costume. Francis on the other hand is much more embraced and accepted. Because of a strong parental figure like Ivan, Francis is able to find people like him in his family. Thus because of Ivan’s help, everyone in his family chimes in to support him. Ivan proudly explains “Guess what I got Francis for Christmas? Earrings... It all fits perfectly into the jewelry box he got from his older brother”. Francis is in a much better situation because he is supported not only by his parental figures but by most of the people around him. They empower him to not be afraid and thus indirectly give him the ability to freely explore his gender identity. Most importantly they teach him he is not alone, and that they will be with him along the way. On the other hand, Boo is not yet fully accepted, and thus his mother retains an angry tone throughout the piece. In the end Boo does cross-dress but people around him bash his mother. The people that do bash his mother constantly judge the choices she has made (or lack thereof) for her son. Boo’s mother Sarah, like all good mothers, strives to help her child in every which way she can. So when she …show more content…

What is afraid of change is society, which is bitter and conservative. Strong parental figures give children exploring their gender identity much needed hope and support. They also assist with the fight against society’s expectations by giving children the choice to be whoever or whatever they please. Many celebrities are coming out now as LGBTQIA+ because they now have support. This assistance has provided said celebrities with confidence and happiness in their treacherous journey of discovery. Sadly, they weren’t able to come out before (without fear of resentment) because they may have not had strong parental figures as a child. Thus they have essentially been living a lie for most of their life, creating a plethora of problems for their development and advancement as a human

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