Boo Radley Courage Quotes

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*MOUTH* Harper Lee’s interpretation of Boo Radley’s philosophy illustrates his courage.At times when Boo leaves his home he doesn't harm anyone instead, he leaves Jem and Scout presents, covers Scout with a blanket during the fire, and eventually saves the children from Bob Ewell. Despite the pureness of his heart, however, Boo has been damaged by an abusive father. In Chapter 30, Scout tells Atticus that hurting Boo Radley would be “sort of like shootin’ a Mockingbird.” think it will be important for you to show the theory of Boo's character and what we come to find out is his actual character as you develop this theme of Boo's courage. He knows how all the townspeople viewed him as a phantom menace who haunted people and ate raw animals. (chp.1pg.9) …show more content…

This is also a brave act. Boo collects up Jem and rushes him to Atticus' house. Boo enters the house with the boy. He has not had human contact other than his brother for many years, so this took much courage. One of the bravest things he does is to touch Jem and to allow Scout to allow him to hold her arm as they walk home. “Sire to our sorrow,” a song by Joni Mitchell relates to how Boo’s regrets of his past actions hold him back from leaving his house. Some examples from the lyrics of this song show what Boo would say such as,“Oh you tireless watcher! What have I done to you that you make everything I dread and everything I fear come true? My guilt weighs so greatly; man is the sire of make everything I dread and everything I fear come true.” These lyrics connect with Boo’s life philosophy by saying how he is tired of people viewing him as a monster even though his past actions exemplify him as one. He wants to be forgiven, and he intends to break the “chains” holding him and his courage back. In the story, he tries to break away from his guilt and go outside however he always gives into his guilt causing him to be locked up in his home still he holds much courage by even

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