Book Reports On Night By Elie Wiesel

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The book Night written by holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, illustrates life in the holocaust. Through life in ghettos, labour camps, concentration camps, death camps and the final death march. Every Jew in Europe during the Holocaust has a different story, and Elie Wiesel is just one of the 6 million that are out there.Elie’s experience during the Holocaust has many similarities to other experiences, but also many differences. When Hitler came to power in 1933, there was an immediate hatred against Jews. After businesses were shut down and synagogues were burned to ashes, Jews were no longer allowed to leave their homes. The spread of Anti-Semitism was on the rise all over Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, and Poland. Is was evident …show more content…

They were put onto trains, not knowing where they were going. Trips ranged from multiple hours to multiple days in tightly packed trains. Prior to deporting the Jews, they were often split up between men and women. This caused a lot of family separation and even the last time that some would see their loved ones. Upon arrival to their destination, they quickly learned that they were at a concentration camp. German offices ordered everyone to line up, where they would all be inspected by Dr. Mengele, a famous German physician, who would ask all the Jews about their health. If they were healthy, they were sent to do hard labour, if not, immediate death. The Jews who were sent to hard labour were having a discussion one night about their faith and belief in God while some were praying. At this time, it was a very controversial topic. *QUOTE*. It was very common to constantly get deported and transferred to other concentration camps. Jews were constantly getting moved around from camp to camp, not knowing where they were being taken, and where their family would be going. When the Germans finally arrive in Jewish towns, they were not as bad as they expected, although they were strict, they were following their duties. When Elie and his father arrived at the concentration camp, they spoke with a prisoner who helped them. He told them to lie about their age so they can try to stay together. When approaching the officers, Elie

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