Boston Massacre Dbq

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Was the Boston Massacre Really a Massacre? One of the most common things talked about in the history of the U.S.A. is the Boston Massacre, but was this historical event commonly looked at as a massacre really a massacre. I believe that the Boston Massacre was not a massacre at all instead it was just the act of self defense of a few british soldiers that were being attacked by upset colonists. One of the most said things about the Boston Massacre is that the british soldiers fired into a crowd of innocent people, but there is many pieces of proof that says otherwise. Most of which was provided by colonists themselves. There was even a male slave that took part in the fight and said that the colonists and himself had clubs and other things …show more content…

In Document one it shows british warships taking over the harbour. To the colonists eyes this appears as a threat. In Document three it shows a picture of british soldiers shooting into a crowd of innocent people. In Document four it talks about how the soldiers assaulted and beat innocent people in the streets. This was written in the town of Boston which makes sense considering that most of the town was against the british being in boston. In Document six it talks about how the british were harassing and beating innocent people, this document again was posted in a Boston newspaper. All of the documents that support that the british soldiers attacked the innocent colonists are all the same. They all were written about in Boston newspapers, which were at the time very biased towards the colonists. So overall I believe that the british soldiers were attacked by the colonists. This caused the british soldiers to fight back in self defense. There also seems to be more liable evidence supporting that the colonists attacked the soldiers. There were many different accounts of what happened. Means that they are all telling the truth about what they saw. So overall I believe that the Soldiers were innocent and did not want to kill colonists, that makes the Boston Massacre not a massacre at all just a act of self

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