Breaking Away: The Quartering Act Of 1765

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Have you ever felt like you were being controlled by the Government? The colonies were justified to break away because of the Quartering act of 1765. Another act that made the colonists justified to break away was the declaratory act. The third act that made them justified to break away was the boston port act.The colonists were justified to break away from great britain. One of the reasons that the colonies were justified to break away was because of the Quartering act of 1765. To enhance housing choices for regular troops stationed in the colonies, the Quartering Act was passed. If barracks were previously provided for them by provincial and municipal authorities, it aims to allay American concerns about "whether troops can be quartered otherwise than in barracks." The colonists were angered by the British for violating their privacy and making them responsible for the British soldiers thanks to the quartering act of 1765, which improved housing options for the British soldiers. It also placed financial responsibility for establishing barracks or other housing for the British with the colonial legislatures. …show more content…

This act was passed the same day the stamp act was repealed, which allowed Parliament to create laws that related to the American colonies "in all cases whatsoever." The colonists relied on the long-standing English tradition that it was unfair for a governing body to pass laws on behalf of people who were not represented in it. Since the colonists were not represented in Parliament, they believed that Parliament did not possess the power to pass laws on their behalf. Because it put an end to rebellions and acts of violence against the stamp tax, the declaratory act is significant in

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