Breastfeed Mother Complaint

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A Woman Complains After a Breastfeeding Mother “Squirts Her Boob” at the Woman.


According to one complaint, a breastfeeding mother at a public park “squirted her boob” at a woman who told her to breastfeed somewhere else.


The controversial incident occurred at a park in Florida and was widely spread on social media afterward. The annoyed woman posted on Facebook about her experience. According to her, “Some lady arrived at Lake Idamere Park and thought it was an appropriate place to breastfeed. My distracted husband and young child were near her at the time. Suddenly, she began jumping up and down as she screamed, “I won the jackpot!” I do not think that this called for leaping half-naked around the park. When I told the disgusting woman …show more content…

Her screen said that she had won $311,455. Amanda could not control herself. In excitement, she began to scream and jump around like she had gone insane. When her baby began to cry, she realized what she was doing and sat down again.

After Amanda sat down, the grumpy woman came over to tell Amanda that her boobs were uncovered. Amanda thanked the woman, but the woman did not want to be thanked. Instead, she became hateful and told Amanda that she belonged in a trailer park. The woman, Caroline, told Amanda that she should find a bathroom or a private place to breastfeed.

This last comment upset Amanda. Turning to Caroline, she began to berate her. No one wants to eat in a dirty bathroom, and breastfeeding was perfectly natural. Amanda was not going to make her child cry with hunger and search for a disease-ridden bathroom to feed him in.

Caroline was not amused. She told reporters, “This is a public park. I should be able to bring my family here without some hippie trying to corrupt their minds. Goodness gracious, you should have seen my husband 's face. He is never that focused on me, and he kept ogling Amanda 's chest every time she

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