Persuasive Essay On Breastfeeding In Public

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Breastfeeding in Public
Breastfeeding has been around forever now, but it’s now not being accepted to be done in public. Women will hear comments like,” could you please cover up,” or ,“ do you really have to do that infront of me?” Women should not have to be judged for something that is natural and healthy. Now, women are starting to fight back towards these comments and won’t stand for what people have to say about them feeding their child. Women should not have to suffer through the harassment of people saying how it’s inappropriate because it is healthy, natural, and legal.
Breastfeeding in public some would say is “inappropriate” or “ distracting”. In reality all it is a mother feeding her baby to only feed and not purposely show people her breast. Some mothers feel the need to have to cover up with a blanket or go to the bathroom just so she will not have to worry about being looked at and judged. Women who breastfeed in public but will cover up either want to, or are covering up because what they will hear from people. They will hear comments like ,“ a lot of men either say that it should be done behind closed doors or covered up.” Some will use the excuse, “ as a man, it makes me feel bad to see women half naked when I have a girlfriend” ( “Can’t they wait…”). As much as people would believe that breastfeeding in public is “disgusting”, there’s nothing illegal about it. “A new state law established a mother’s right to breastfeed her child wherever

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