Choosing Not To Breastfeed Research Paper

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I thought I would share with you, why choosing not to breastfeed was the best thing I did for myself.

As a first time mother, I was understandably stressed, worried and emotional.

I was constantly asking myself should I breastfeed?

The question was a difficult one to answer because I felt like I was on this huge guilt trip. I wasn 't enjoying nursing at all, and I almost felt ashamed to admit it.

How silly when I look back now.

Although when choosing not to breastfeed somehow seemed a perplexing decision to make.

I heard lots of stories from other women on how long they breastfeed. Some even bragging about their milk supply.

It also didn 't help that the Midwife then was constantly going on and on about the benefits of …show more content…

Her decision, I was happy, I didn 't have to leave the table, I felt completely at ease and comfortable.

Not so, it seems was all comfortable with the two other women. The looks on their faces when the other returned to the table after having lovingly breastfed her child were very telling.

While I, choosing not to breastfeed, was somehow relegated from quarterback to benchwarmer.

In other words, I was clearly the worst mother in the world.

Though I got over it pretty quickly, I realized judging me, they are only judging themselves.

Choosing Not To Breastfeed It 's Your Choice

We are not all perfect and we don 't live in a perfect world. What 's good for one, does not mean it is good for everyone.

It is rather quite sad when it comes to nursing, some women will ask should I breastfeed?

Rather than being asked, "let 's try breastfeeding, and if you feel in any way you are not coping. We can move onto the bottle".

How nice to hear that question, starting from when you 're in the hospital?

Well, I don 't know if much has changed in the last 16 years since I had my first child.

I hope so because no one should tell another person, what to do with their body or their babies.

Choosing not to

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