Essay On Breastfeeding In Public

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Jasimine Hosman
Breastfeeding In Public

Growing up Seeing my family breastfeed their kids when we were in public
People making disgusted faces at women who breastfeed in public
People also make comments and tell breastfeeding mother they should make it more private And take it to the bathroom or somewhere else.
Men can be watching when women are breastfeeding and staring and making other women hate it because their partner is “looking” at other women
A faithful man wouldn 't stare or look at another women if they are Committed to the relationship they are in with the women who are getting mad or jealous.
Because we have desires that we feel other people can 't fill and so we look at what we wish we could have or want.
Because it could lead …show more content…

I never questioned why moms breastfed or why they did or didn’t cover themselves and the baby. That was until a couple years ago when I started picking up on the way other women were looking at moms breastfeeding, and they weren 't always good. Actually most women would whisper to their husbands or the other women with them and sometimes point and make disgusted looks. I even experienced the real hatred towards breastfeeding in public 2 months after my nephew was born and a lady told me sister in law a better place to feed a baby was not at a table in public she told her she should take her business to the bathroom in a private stall. Grated my sister will not let anyone tell her what to do and she had a snood comment back and said “well if you don 't like it you don 't have to watch, you can take your food to the bathroom if you like, my son eats at the same place i do.” I never had thought that it was that big of a deal to other people. But i see somewhat where they are coming from. It 's a part of a woman 's body that is supposed to have be covered, and stay between her and her

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