Breast Screen Australia Persuasive Essay

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Topic: The Breast Screen NSW program should continue to be offered and promoted to the population. However, it should be available only to women who have demonstrated that they understand the epidemiological evidence about the potential benefits and harms of participation.
Argument: In this essay I will argue that The Breast Screen NSW program are justified for the prevention of breast cancer but it should be available for every woman aged from 50 to 74 not only for those women who can understand the epidemiological evidence about the potential benefits and harms of participation.
Background: Before addressing the question I would like to clarify some initial concepts and assumptions. Breast cancer is the second largest cause of cancer death
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The vast majority women who is eligible for screening is in between 50 to 74 years but women aged 40 to 49 and 75 years and over are also available. Although women under 40 is in low risk category but still some of them can develop breast cancer. Around 27% of all female cancers are due to breast cancer except skin cancer. So that its high important to make sure that women are getting screening. (11) The success of breast screening program depends on majority voluntary participation. Breast cancer groups have been become more extensive by including older women as…show more content…
This screening programme trying to encourage all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women from different cultural background. So there will be no justification for further government interventions. (16). However, if voluntary coverage rates are not high enough, the state is justified to intervene to protect the women from breast cancer. In Australia the participation rate of breast screening is about 54% in aged 50 to 74 years according to 2014-2015 data which is more than 5 in 10. (17) In that situation government should take more steps to promote the importance of breast screening, increase women understanding of breast cancer screening benefits and harms to reduce further mortality from breast
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