The Clan Of One-Breasted Woman Epilogue By Terry Tempest Williams

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0 Williams informed me with the emotion from cancer being passed down from generation to nuclear bombing and injustice with the court in this passage by the deep emotions, facts, and opinions. Nuclear Bombing in Nevada was a possible cause of cancer. Williams was a mother and survivor of cancer, so the Story hit right at home. Williams explained her story in many different ways. From her own personal story to the stories of some of the family members and victims from the nuclear bombing. In those examples she gives the Ethos, Pathos, and logic in which she wrote her story. . Williams Choice in tone, and tone comes from when she explains the court cases. In which many emotions are shown from her family to the other cancer victims. That …show more content…

“The Clan “, was a generation of cancer victims starting from 1951 when they tested the first nuclear bomb. I think that the government didn’t take it into go consideration on whether the testing was actually a probable cause of cancer or not. Due to the fact that they didn’t not allow many cases to even make it to court do to humiliation and possible being the cause of the some of the United States deaths. After the bombing people were getting fatal illnesses such as Leukemia and pancreatic cancer. Some cases for example Irene Allen vs. United Stated was a possible cause of cancer. Or the base of this passage where Terry Williams was in the clan because cancer was passed down from generation to generation in her family. Williams’s father described the day of the testing and explained the mushroom cloud and how it changed the face of the world in a matter of seconds. Cancer has killed over 7.6 million people from children to …show more content…

In which was all giving fact but yet was still not proven. The case when this lady lost her husband after he watched the bombing from a local high school near the nuclear bombing. A year later he died From Leukemia and left her Widowed. Where she got married again to a man that was working on a building near the bombing sit and he died of bone cancer some years later. The emotion came because just like the people and their cases Williams also lost loved one and didn’t get any justification on how and why but she had to deal with it. In conclusion the clan of one-breasted one introduced me to different ways that cancer came about; Radiation, and nuclear activities. The Clan was a generation of mastectomies diagnosed woman that was passed down from generation to generation. From the 1951 bombing in Utah. Cases ignored families left with un-answers questions and no cure. Just like Williams Family cancer was passed down but not only that only retrieved 14years after some of the nuclear testing. Which still leaves an un-answered question, but still a fight. Cancer is a Very serious matter and a nationwide outreach. Known as Breast cancer month but it’s also Cancer awareness month. So one day all the praying, questions, and donation will pay off and cancer will be no

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