Persuasive Speech On Childhood Cancer

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Imagine, your child has been having a pain in his stomach for weeks. He has been screaming uncontrollably. You have taken him to the doctors multiple times, only to be told it is just a virus. You finally take him to the ER, determined to find an answer and end your child 's pain. When you get to the ER they decide to do an MRI on his stomach. After hours of waiting in a cold hospital room you get the answer no parent should ever here. You are told that your child has cancer. They say that there isn 't much they can do, but they can try Chemotherapy. After months of intense chemotherapy and pain for your child….. He is incapable of taking the pain. There is nothing they can do. Two weeks after this news, your baby boy passes away in your arms. Now imagine this happening to 250 kids everyday worldwide. Childhood cancer is not rare, despite this there isn 't much funding or awareness for this disease, but together we can change that. When you think of cancer you probably don 't think about a child, or if you do you don 't realize that Childhood Cancer and adult cancers are genetically different. A lot of people think that when their child is diagnosed with cancer it is their fault. That they could have prevented it. Maybe by living somewhere different or feeding them something…show more content…
When it comes to illnesses childhood cancer is the number one killer of children in the USA ( In 80% of the kids, by the time they are diagnosed the cancer has already spread. How would you feel to hear you have cancer, and then hear that it has spread and there is no hope? Not very good i bet. 300,000 kids will be diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, 1 in 5 kids diagnosed in the USA, will not survive. World wide 91,250 kids will die. Worldwide every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with this disease. In the USA around 1 in 285 kids will have cancer before the age of 20. After knowing all these facts are you going to go out and do something about it? Try and find a
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