Mother Tongue Summary

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After reading Mother Tongue by Amy Tan, my perspective changed about the struggles for people who are not as good at English. All throughout this article Tan uses personal experience from her mom to show the readers the struggle while also using primary sources to back up her claim. All the evidence backs up her initial claim and as the reader your perspective changes after reading about how she personally was effected. The author 's main claim of Mother Tongue is to persuade people so respect people who struggle with English because she has serval personal connections, she has fact based proof, and she is an experienced writer on this topic and in general. All throughout the reading she uses many personal stories and personal experiences on how difficult it was for her mother to go through her everyday life. She uses personal stories to persuade readers like me. She talks about how she would have to talk on the phone for her mom because people …show more content…

She uses facts to support her claim so basically her claim is right because she has all the right evidence to back it up. She puts in her article, "There is an aspect of my Fiction that relates to thus-and-thus"—a speech filled with carefully wrought grammatical phrases, burdened, it suddenly seemed to me, with nominalized forms, past perfect tenses, conditional phrases, forms of standard English that I had learned in school and through books, the forms of English I did not use at home with my mother. (Paragraph 4)" She talks about books she has read and speeches she has read and talks about different English 's that she uses. The English she uses with her mom and the English 's she uses with her writing and everywhere else. Having sources and reading sources to support her main claim helps immensely when it comes down to persuading the

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