Analysis Of Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

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For numerous amounts of people, with English being their second language, they have been described as having "Broken English". "Broken English" refers to a poorly spoken or ill-written version of the English language. One article called "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan discusses the effects of growing up with a Chinese mother who has "Broken English". In fact, Tan deliberates about the limitations and criticism of growing up with her mother. Although Tan speaks articulate English, she still can comprehend with her mother 's "Broken English". In this article, Tan 's argue that her mother 's "Broken English" has caused unfairness, disinterest, and limitations throughout their life. Tan 's mother was discriminated a lot throughout her life, all because of her "Broken English". Growing up speaking "Broken English" has caused Tan 's mother to be treated unfairly. For example, in one body paragraph, Tan talks about her mother having her to call people on the phone pretending to be her. Tan was forced to ask for information and even complain at people who had been unkind. Tan did this because of her mother 's lack of English. One day, Tan 's mother had not received her check from a stockbroker in New York. By this being said, Tan had to get on the phone with this stockbroker to translate her mother 's "Broken English" to her fluent English. In the article, Tan stated "If I don’t receive the check immediately I am going to have to speak to your manager when I 'm in New York next week."

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