Cultural Factors Affecting Aboriginal Australians

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Aboriginal Australian peoples have been placed in unfair situations that have resulted in disconnections from society due to bias in culture, racism and because of previous historical events such as colonisation that led to colonialism and horrible events such as The Stolen Generation. These events act like a scar to the Aboriginal Australian peoples and their culture, those previously mentioned historical events symbolises the cut, the immense pain that was caused in that moment is still a factor and the pain from it is still prevalent and is symbolised by the scar. The scar also represents the factors that still manage to affect the Aboriginal Australians today, such as racism and lack of quality and access to education, money and health care.. The Indigenous peoples are also affected by various other factors such as limited access to health care that may be of poor quality, such resources may also bring fear to the Indigenous peoples because practitioners are not always sensitive or respectful to …show more content…

The practical, medical side of the profession, where it may be beneficial to actually have a section in pathology forms that indicate the Indigenous Australian status, so that more data and research could continue to further provide for the Indigenous peoples. This may be able to aid for future competent care of the Aboriginal Australian people’s. Another practical tool and technique that will benefit the Aboriginal Australians would be to have more ‘point-of-care’ (Henery, Houston, Mooney, 2004). resources readily available, so that diseases may be prevented and certain diseases that Indigenous peoples have a higher risk of developing such as diabetes can be treated right on the spot. More funding would also be highly beneficial; this would mean Indigenous peoples have a better chance of having access to quality healthcare, an increased life expectancy and a much better quality of

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