Why Did The Puritans Build A Whole New Way Of Life In Salem

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When colonist began to settle in Salem, Massachusetts they believed in a very pure life. Their faith in God was strong and they were willing to help just about anyone who found their way there. In the eyes of Puritans, they were the ideal lifestyle. Originally the Puritans were part of the Christian religion. However, as the church begun to change the Puritans did not wish to change with it. Instead they saw the church as corrupt and broken. Long term their goals were to purify the church and those who remained members of it but that was a long shot. King Charles was not willing to amuse their ideas and thus pushed them harder to the new world. The puritans built a whole new life for those of the same beliefs and of many others. They …show more content…

Through the remaining documents that have be collected histories claim that nearly 200 puritans were accused of being witches is Massachusetts. Of those 200 people about half were arrested but only 20 of them were prosecuted and executed. An even smaller list of names are recognizable to many people. One of the names that is most commonly noticed by people is Bridget Bishop. Of all those accused of being a practicing witch, her name had the most accusers attached. Her way of life was far from ideal from a Puritan standpoint. She drank, she cheated, and she was constantly the talk of the town. There were many reasons for someone to seek revenge on her and when the time came many people did. On June 10, 1962 Bridget was hung for her participation in witchcraft. Another largely famous name in the trials is John Proctor. He was not originally an accused person until shortly after his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, was accused. Johns name is large for those interested in the Salem trials because he was the first male to be accused of witchcraft in them. He was one of the only people who stood against the trials and refeed to the accusers as liars. He argues that they were seeking revenge and that they had not actually see any form of witchcraft taking place. Shortly after his attempts to prove that they were lying Proctor, his wife, and his house servant were all …show more content…

Around the same times as the hunts broke out so did large disease’s and famine. one of the largest disaster that took Europe for a spin at the time. The Black Plague was horrific and took the lives of nearly twenty five million Europeans. For those who were able to survive the plague it was not with out a cost. Most had to watch their loved ones suffer before passing and were unable to comfort them in any way. With so many people were dying already from the disease grief was high. Medication at the time was no wear near what it is in present times. The health statue of Europe was falling and the large masses of people who were dying began to raise horror in people. To correspond with that many people had little to no knowledge of cleanliness and how it can affect heath. It was rare for a shower or bath even once a week. Doctors’ visits were limited to those who could afford it and that was a slim few. Such luxuries and a bath were even more rare when it came to those where were homeless and out of the job. European job opportunities were very few if any. It was extremely hard for many to scrape by and survive. The economy was not all that it could have been and for a long time it seemed that it would never get better. Being that people of the time were

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